Ideas for a Budget Friendly Wedding

Preparing for a wedding can unfortunately, be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life and that’s quite ironic to admit, but it’s true.  Generally, a wedding should be about light, airy elements; a time to truly fall in love all over again, but the side work of actually trying to prepare the wedding ceremony can be so overwhelming and if a person comes from a family that cannot spend a lot of money, a lot of the times, that type of situation in itself can be so very taxing because a person may feel as though they cannot decorate and prepare within the most successful and proper fashions, but that isn’t true at all.  Today, we are going to go over a few simple ideas on how to prepare a budget friendly wedding.

Holding Your Wedding Outdoors or At Home

This is a great idea when it comes to preparing a nice wedding because if you have a larger backyard or even a field, you can stay right there at your home base, which will definitely save you on having to rent out a space.  Keep in mind that if you stay at home or a family member’s property to hold the wedding, you will in return, have more money to spend on decorations and so forth.

Create Your Own Invitations

Creating your own wedding invitations can very well, sound like an impossible task if you think that you’re not very creative and if that’s the case, ask one of your friends or family members to either come up with some awesome ideas or you could even pay them a low price to complete the whole batch for you; as this will definitely outshine the process of ordering invitations from an actual wedding catalog and so on.

Stock Your Own Bar

A lot of people do not think to do this, but if you can at all possibilities, please try to stock your own bar.  Why would this save a person money?  Well, just think about it right fast.  If you stock your own bar, this can definitely save you a lot of money because alcohol is quite expensive; always has been, so if you can stock and prepare your own bar; you would better off and keep in mind that by stocking your own bar, you are in complete control of what goes into the bar!

Plan a Very Simple Honeymoon

This may come as a shock to a lot of people, but if you and your spouse can plan an affordable honeymoon, this would be so much better in the long run because you can turn around and put that extra money on a down payment for a house or car.  I understand that sounds so dry and not very romantic, but think of it this way.  What is the most important part of a honeymoon?  It’s being together, celebrating the start of your lives together, but if you spend most of your money just to “see” an outrageous vacation spot, come back home and are faced with life, that alone will already begin to put a damper on your marriage; money controls everything, so please make sure it doesn’t control you.

Wedding Dresses – Guide to Buying a Pre-owned

You being a bride want so much to have your wedding gown, but you can’t due to budget restrictions. It doesn’t matter now that you have decided – you only want something to wear for your wedding day. However, you don’t want it to look like it has been used heavily. You have the option to rent a gown, but it is better that you buy a pre-owned wedding dress instead. You might find it more attractive compared to the borrowed ones instead.

Dress Quality

This pertains to how the dress is properly cared for. When you talk with the seller, ask what kind of method she uses in cleaning and preserving it. It is best if she says she took it to a professional cleaner that are experts in cleaning wedding dresses. This reduces the risk of those invisible stains. You can also ask them where their wedding was held, such as the beach, inside a building or other outdoor areas. This will give you a good idea about the wedding dress’ condition and how it went through that day. It is also advisable if the wedding dress was exposed to a smoking zone and whether it was kept inside a house that has pets.


Of course, you want to make sure that you can trust the seller of the wedding gown prior to making the purchase. You never want to get swindled. So as to make sure that the seller is legit, ask for references, especially when you feel there is a need to talk with the admin of the site.


The seller and yourself might be using different measuring systems, so it is your responsibility to request for the specific measurements rather than just the general size. The bride may have made changes with the dress, too, so it is also a must that you know what the measurements are after the changes she made.

Return Policy

Where is the wedding dress going to be shipped from? Is the delivery cost included in the total fee? Is the seller willing to pay the mailing fee if they want the dress returned? These are just a few important questions you want to ask the seller, especially when you are buying the pre-owned dress online.

History of the Dress

You will get a better gauge on the dress’s condition knowing when the wedding dress was first used. You might also want to consider asking whether the marriage was a success or it ended up with a unfortunate divorce. This is especially very important for the superstitious ones.


It is also a must that you ask for the receipt if you want to make sure that the wedding dress of your choosing is not some knockoff. You also want to find out that you are getting the right price of what the seller has paid for it. An example of this would be offering a lower price compared to the original, even if they got it initially with a discount!

How to Pick a Wedding Dress That Suits You

Every bride wants their wedding to be super perfect. And when they have more than enough money to spend on their wedding gown, they’d go for the designer gowns. Designer gowns have a different feel and tone to them. Unlike pre-made wedding gowns that are designed to fit a certain range of body type, designer wedding gowns are made to fit for the client. However, when you don’t have enough time to go for bespoke wedding gowns, there are still designer gowns that you can try out. The problem here is how you are going to choose the perfect one.

Luckily, you have made it here. You will learn more about which wedding gown suits your body type best. Most of all, this is a kind of wedding gown that you feel comfortable and as you see yourself in the mirror, you will be extremely happy that you have finally found a gown that is worth walking the aisle for.

Pear-Shaped types

Search for skits that flares out gradually into a letter A form starting from the waist onto the floor. This will highlight your midsection’s narrowness and it floats away to the thighs from the hips. The most effective fabrics are sturdy ones like the taffeta and Duchesse satin as they do not cling. A V-neckline or bodice with a spaghetti strap also emphasize that upper slender body.

Busty types

Search for a wedding dress that has a scooped neckline. This will place more emphasize on the face and even shows more of your décolletage, but without displaying much of your cleavage. If you are fond of strapless gowns, pick on that dips slightly on the neckline, such as the sweetheart, instead of a style that goes straight across. Doing this will make the bust look larger and may feel like it’s confining.

The fabric to use on the bodice like the ones that have got a sheen on it like silk, satin or organza will provide more volume and focus the attention on your chest. A ruched material will also bring the same effect, too.

Plus-sized types

Look for an empire dress that’s got a skirt that flows gradually to the floor from under the bust in an A-line. Ensure that the empire seam does not have any pleating on the fabric and that it does not start on the chest, which will only make you look like you are wearing maternity gown. The dress must shape up your body type well. When it is too loose, it will add more weight to the look, making you appear more weighty.

As for fabrics, look for the ones that provide structure to your body type rather than those with being flowy. If you are fond of airier fabrics that provide a more romantic look, go for a gown that has a stiffer base, and then add an overlay of embroidered tulle.

Apple-shaped types

Go for a dress that easily secures in the smallest point of your waistline then after that flares out gradually into an A shape. Choose a bodice that comes with much texture like a lace detailing or ruche. This will cover up and even fit onto your body shape. This will create an effect like you are wearing a corset. A deep V will make your neckline look more slender.This will draw the audience’s eyes more on the vertical.

Make sure you avoid the trumpet style dress. This emphasizes the widest part of the body then flares out starting from the legs and knees, where it is most slender.