You being a bride want so much to have your wedding gown, but you can’t due to budget restrictions. It doesn’t matter now that you have decided – you only want something to wear for your wedding day. However, you don’t want it to look like it has been used heavily. You have the option to rent a gown, but it is better that you buy a pre-owned wedding dress instead. You might find it more attractive compared to the borrowed ones instead.

Dress Quality

This pertains to how the dress is properly cared for. When you talk with the seller, ask what kind of method she uses in cleaning and preserving it. It is best if she says she took it to a professional cleaner that are experts in cleaning wedding dresses. This reduces the risk of those invisible stains. You can also ask them where their wedding was held, such as the beach, inside a building or other outdoor areas. This will give you a good idea about the wedding dress’ condition and how it went through that day. It is also advisable if the wedding dress was exposed to a smoking zone and whether it was kept inside a house that has pets.


Of course, you want to make sure that you can trust the seller of the wedding gown prior to making the purchase. You never want to get swindled. So as to make sure that the seller is legit, ask for references, especially when you feel there is a need to talk with the admin of the site.


The seller and yourself might be using different measuring systems, so it is your responsibility to request for the specific measurements rather than just the general size. The bride may have made changes with the dress, too, so it is also a must that you know what the measurements are after the changes she made.

Return Policy

Where is the wedding dress going to be shipped from? Is the delivery cost included in the total fee? Is the seller willing to pay the mailing fee if they want the dress returned? These are just a few important questions you want to ask the seller, especially when you are buying the pre-owned dress online.

History of the Dress

You will get a better gauge on the dress’s condition knowing when the wedding dress was first used. You might also want to consider asking whether the marriage was a success or it ended up with a unfortunate divorce. This is especially very important for the superstitious ones.


It is also a must that you ask for the receipt if you want to make sure that the wedding dress of your choosing is not some knockoff. You also want to find out that you are getting the right price of what the seller has paid for it. An example of this would be offering a lower price compared to the original, even if they got it initially with a discount!